The ATLANTIC Ltd. was developed by private individuals in 1991. Its purpose to perform fast and expert buildings to our disposable and future partners, with our specialists.

  The main function of the steel construction plant is productiong and local mounting steel constructions. We product factory halls (groundwork, assembling, technological installations, electric mounting, painting etc.) We install Lindab, Metab covers, drains etc.
  Our production capacity can make units up to 3 tons. The maximal length is 50 meters, that we are able to build factory halls, frames with 50 meters span.
  We have cutting tools, up-to-date welding set as well which are needed to product steel constructions.

  Our steel construction plant is distributor of ASTRON buliding system.

  Our company meet the requirements of ISO 9002 quality system (Det Norske Veritas - 99-VNA-AQ-056)

Financial achievements (1998-2001):

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  The computer technology section starts its work in 1996. Well trained programmers and computr experts do their work here. Their profession is distributing computers and its parts, full-scale servicing, internet providing, web design and software developing.

Financial achievements (1996-2001):

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  The constitutional structure of the company:

Egyed György
managing director

Kornél Metz
works manager

Steel construction plant
1204 Budapest
Török Flóris u 116/a

Viktor Finak
site manager
József Ledinszki
assembling manager


Tibor Egyed
managing director

Computer technology section
1214 Budapest
II. Rákóczi Ferenc u. 142
1035 Budapest
Búza u. 8.

Gábor Darvas
sales manager